Multi Level Fall Prevention System

OVERVIEW: A global chemical company with world wide manufacturing & distribution plants including sites in the UK & Europe wanted to speed up their tanker loading operations, whilst increasing the level of safety for their operators when accessing & working on the tops of their tankers. They also wanted a system that could accommodate the various sizes tankers & ISO tanks that came to their plant.

IFC SOLUTION: IFC proposed their Inflow – step Multi Level Platform (MLP).This powered platform is designed to be mounted onto the front of a fixed gantry. It is lowered onto the top of a tanker & the operator is then able to step onto the platform and access any part of the top of the tanker via a series of hinged light weight grated panels.The platform is surrounded by a 3 rail safety cage for fall prevention. For this client we also added 2 small loading arm access points in the safety cage to allow for the movement of the existing loading arms.

The MLP is hydraulically powered & the system is controlled by an easy to use panel mounted onto
the existing gantry.

PROJECT OUTCOME: The MLP was designed & built to the clients requirements, & was installed & commissioned by IFC Inflow within the specified time scales. The platform has now enabled the client
to increase the number of tankers loaded from this area & therefore increase production of the products being loaded. The system provides the ultimate levels of safety & fall prevention as all operations are carried out within the safety of the MLP.


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