Top Tank ISO Tank Access System

OVERVIEW: A global supplier of specialist chemicals approached IFC for a solution to a work at height issue they had highlighted in a Health & Safety review. Their operators were required to access & work on the tops of ISO tanks. This access typically took place in locations without permanent gantries or tanker access platforms. Our client wanted to protect the operators from the risk of falls whilst on top of the tanks. The added challenge was that each tank had 2 manways & the safety system was required to cover both manways without the need for re-positioning the access system.

IFC SOLUTION: Using our popular TopTank access system as a base & through a product review process with our client we designed a special 3.8m wide x 2m deep safety cage. The cage was designed in 2 parts and is re-moveable from the TopTank frame for easier shipping & storage. The additional width ensured that the cage covered both manway lids on top of the ISO tanks & allowed the operators to safely & easily do all their work at height activities in complete safety.

Additionally, due to the coastal location of the sites the client also required a higher level of corrosion resistance for the units. IFC were able to supply the units with a special marine grade powder coat finish suitable for use in coastal areas.

PROJECT OUTCOME: The project was successfully completed & all the units were delivered as
required. Operators are now able to access & work on the top of the ISO tanks in complete safety. Orders have since been placed for 2 more units for one of their other remote site locations.


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