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API Couplers

API Couplers

API couplers provide dry break connection between the loading skid & the petroleum road tanker, enabling it to be safely loaded. They are used in all petroleum tanker bottom loading applications.

We offer a manual & semi-automatic API coupler option. The manual version or our API coupler is lower cost & is mainly used on our oil distribution bottom loading skids where sites may be loading up to 6 to 8 tankers a day, whereas the semi-automatic couplers are more likely to be used on larger high volume oil depots & petroleum terminals.

The couplers have safety features built in to prevent loading unless properly connected, a tapered head to ensure accurate adapter alignment. All API couplers comply with API RP1004 & Atex group II, Cat 2. The couplers are available with a variety of seal materials to ensure product compatibility.

We are distributors for API couplers made by FortvaleDixon Bayco, both companies have several decades worth of experience. Our API couplers are used by all the major oil companies such as BP, Shell, Texaco, & offer reliability, durability, & are easy to maintain.

Call to see how IFC can ensure your petroleum tanker loading requirements are met safely & efficiently.


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