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Rail Refuelling Flyte Coupler

Rail Refuelling Flyte Coupler

The IFC Flyte Coupler is used in train refuelling and rail service depots. The screw connect dry break coupler for bulk rail fuelling applications is designed to meet all UK rail fuelling needs. It fits onto any train refuelling point with a 1-1/2in hose. The rail coupler will fit any UK diesel rail car.

Flyte couplers are usually used on diesel multiple unit (DMU) trains powered by diesel engines. The DMU usually has an on-board diesel storage tank, which would be refuelled at a platform. The rail coupling would be used to refuel the diesel tank by connecting the fuel line to the tank refill terminal. The screw in connection makes the refilling of the train quick and easy.

With flow rates from 50 to 650 litres per minute, Flyte coupler ensures optimum refuelling times. The fuelling adaptor has a high impact steel body with a corrosion-resistant coating for durability and a long working life.

A forged steel “driving wheel style” handle makes for secure and easy operator control on this rail flyte coupling. The screw type dry break valve ensures safe and spill free connection to rail car tanks. There is also a fuel resistant rubber bumper to protect the rail car bodywork.

Swift on-site maintenance is efficient thanks to a simple cartridge design that makes servicing and replacement easy. There is also a seal replacement kit available for easy workshop maintenance. The replacement seal kit for the coupling is available to buy as a separate component. The kit comes with the replacement cartridge including seal rings, washers, and screws.

IFC Rail Fuelling Coupler Key Advantages:

  • Hex socket replaces awkward ‘C spanner’ fitting on inner cartridge
  • Assured tightening with no leaks
  • No special tools required
  • Fits all existing brands of ‘Flyte’ type rail fuelling coupler
  • Viton Quad ring replaces PTFE ring
  • Fast response in an emergency
  • Body manufactured from high impact steel with long life coating
  • Forged handles not prone to fracture unlike brittle casting of other brands

Recognising your need for quick & efficient replacements & renewals, we keep high stocks of our Flyte couplers and associated parts available for rapid delivery at all times.

Talk to the experts with over 30 years’ experience to ensure your rail refuelling needs are met, & benefit from our fast & efficient replacement back up service.

  • Flow rates from 50—650 litres per minute provide optimum fuelling times
  • Screw connect dry break valve allows safe & easy connection to fuel tanks
  • 1 1/2” bspf inlet compatible with most commonly used train refuelling hoses
  • Viton seals provide full resistance to all existing and new fuel blends
  • High impact steel body for durability and strength
  • Corrosion resistant coating for long working life
  • Durable forged steel handle give excellent levels of operator control
  • Unique hex socket fitting allows fast and easy installation
  • Interchangeable with all existing rail couplers
  • Easy replacement cartridge, quick servicing and short down time
  • Diesel
  • B100


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