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Fall Protection Systems

Fall Prevention Systems

Our tanker fall prevention systems are geared towards combining safe tanker access while working at height in an efficient and flexible way. Our tanker access products are durable, easy to use and cost effective. They are designed to provide solutions to all road, rail and marine tanker access while working at height.

We offer both fixed and easily portable options so as to enable safe yet rapid access and loading of vehicles.

Our tanker fall prevention and safe access systems all conform to the latest health and safety working at height regulations. While we can supply specific products to suit a particular requirement such as a set of folding stairs. We can also help you plan and execute entire access systems based on your site’s layout and your tanker access needs.

Our fixed solutions, such as loading and unloading platforms, offer an easy to install, safe, and low maintenance safe access system for working on the tops of tankers and ISO containers. The LowTank mobile tanker access ladder provides safe access to the rear of ISO tankers for inspection and maintenance.

For bespoke high level safe tanker access systems, we can design and implement a gantry solution tailored to your access requirements. Our multi level platform (MLP) combines sturdy folding stairs with a safe working enclosure, surrounded by a fall prevention safety cage. The entire platform can be hydraulically lowered to the required level for an efficient, yet fully safe tanker access system.

Our TopTank mobile tanker access ladder offers a key benefit of being easy to move around your site while combining a safe and   sturdy tanker fall prevention option. Handrails on the stairs and a safety cage on the tanker top part of the platform ensure safe tanker access.

We are happy to advise on your high level tanker access needs whether you are thinking of adding to your existing tanker fall prevention provision, are interested in a full overhaul of your existing arrangements, or if you are setting up a new facility from the ground up.

Our considerable industry experience gained over the past 30 years makes us your ideal choice for fall prevention systems.

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