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Loading Gantry Equipment

Fixed Tanker Access

We provide a full range of fixed tanker access equipment, enabling your staff to work safely & efficiently on the tops of tankers. Our loading gantry equipment is available in a range of specifications, whether you need it to fit in with your existing tanker access process, or as part of an all-new gantry installation designed to your requirements. Our Multi Level Platform provides safe tanker access where existing infrastructure might already be in place but needs updating.

For a complete safety solution, the Total Tanker Safety Cage is ideal for accessing the full length of the tanker. It is pneumatically powered by a simple control panel and is self levelling.

We have helped many customers add new fixed tanker access loading platform equipment to enhance their existing set up, & provide a comprehensive safe access platform design including full site surveys. If you are looking for a complete tanker loading platform we can help; using our 30 years experience & the latest in design techniques including 3D CAD, we can provide a tanker loading platform precisely suited to your needs.

Our range of loading gantry equipment includes fixed access platforms & gantries, self-levelling folding stairs with optional pneumatic power, fully enclosed powered cages & platforms, safety cages in various sizes, & TopTank and LowTank mobile tanker access ladders.

Safety equipment extends to loading control grounding systems to combat electrostatic ignition hazards. Access security equipment includes key interlocks & traffic barriers to effectively control the loading process to specific personnel, & create a mistake free loading process with the use of barrier systems, controlling the movement of tankers to the loading gantry area, & key interlocks which force the loading process to be done in the right way.

We have worked in a variety of industries including fuel, chemicals, & food, & all our loading gantry equipment meets current health & safety working at height regulations. Please get in touch with the industry professionals for an exploratory discussion of your requirements for fixed tanker access.

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