Total Tanker Safety Cages

Total Tanker Safety Cage System

In situations where various sizes & specifications of tanker are being loaded, with tanker catwalks on the left or right, manways & rain covers in various positions, safety rails not always present to name a few – it can be difficult to achieve a safe working area for efficient & safe tanker loading. Varying tanker types can, without the right tanker access facilities, make it hard to adhere to health & safety working at height regulations.

Our Total Tanker Safety Cage is designed with all of these these variables in mind.

Our solution is a full road tanker enclosure, providing a safety cage that fully encloses the tanker loading & working area. Speed & flexibility are at the heart of this access cage product, making it easy to use & – along with accommodating various sizes of tanker – it can be utilised in areas where height above the tanker is limited.

The foldable cage can be compression sprung balanced or pneumatically powered, for safe, quick, & efficient chemical tanker loading, along with other many other liquids & powders – & means you are well prepared for most types of tanker that you may have to load & access.

We can work with you to design a Total Tanker Safety Cage that meets your specific needs based on the size of your loading & tanker access area just as we have for previous satisfied customers.

Talk to us to discuss your tanker fall prevention needs.

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