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Tanker Loading Control

Tanker Loading Control

We provide a comprehensive range of tanker loading control & security equipment. By using one, or a combination of, our grounding, key interlock, & barrier equipment you will be efficiently & safely controlling access to your loading gantry.

Static Grounding

We are a distributor for the Earth-Rite RTR, a static grounding device made by Newson Gale – a company with over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing static control products.

The Earth-Rite RTR prevents the building up of static electricity on the chassis & tank of the tanker during loading. Build ups of static electricity can have serious implications when working with hazardous materials; the Earth-Rite ensures a reliable anti-static solution.

A stainless steel clamp makes it easy to attach the Earth-Rite quickly & efficiently to most sizes & types of tanker, it features an easy to read LED display, works at wide temperature ranges of between -40℃ to +55℃, & is made of durable cast aluminium.

Key Interlocks

Trapped key interlocking is a very effective way of controlling access to equipment & ensures that the loading or unloading process is done in a safe & controlled manner.

They are usually fitted to traffic barriers, gantry gates, loading arms, & folding stairs, & ensure each operation has to be completed correctly before the next one can start. Key interlocks are also used to make sure equipment such as loading arms are returned to their ‘parked’ position after they have completed their operation.

Traffic Safety Barriers

Made of heavy duty steel with an aluminium support pole for durability, these manually rising & lowering barriers are part of effective safety access procedures & are used to ensure tankers are lined up correctly for use with other equipment such as folding stairs & loading arms. They can also help prevent tanker drive offs before operations have been completed.

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