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Key Interlocks & Safety Barriers

Key Interlocks and Safety Barriers

Key interlocks & safety barriers equipment is designed to control access to hazardous machinery, loading facilities & safe access equipment. It is designed to make sure a proper sequence of procedures is followed, to ensure machinery is isolated before access is permitted. It also ensures the safe completion of tasks – for example, preventing tankers from moving before loading armsfolding stairs have been removed.

Key Interlocks

Key interlocks are fitted to various parts of the loading facility including traffic barriers; gantry gates; folding stairs, and loading arms. They make sure each operation can only be followed once the previous one has been fully completed. They are often used to make sure equipment such as folding stairs & loading arms are returned to a ‘parked’ position before a tanker moves off.

Safety barriers

IFC’s safety barriers manual rising arm traffic barriers are usually the first thing lowered and the last thing raised as part of the safety control process. Used in conjunction with our key interlock system they provide the initial control point for your tanker access or loading operations and ensure the correct safe operating sequence is used.

Made of heavy duty steel with an aluminium support pole, the safety barrier is lockable in both open & closed positions & can span an opening of up to 8.5 metres.

Our key interlocks & safety barriers are usually specified as part of a tanker loading or safe tanker access package, which could also include loading arms and tanker safety access equipment. Call to discuss your needs with the professionals offering over 30 years’ experience.


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