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Flow Meters & Pumps

Flow Meters and Pumps

We offer a wide range of chemical & fuel flow meters under our own Acuflow brand. They are mostly used for petrochemicals, fuels, oils & lubricants. We also offer versions suitable for use with chemicals, including a meter suitable for particularly caustic & aggressive substances.

Our Acuflow meters are available in various configurations for bulk metering & can be exactly tailored to your requirements. Applications include tanker loading & unloading in hazardous Zone 1 environments as well as fuel metering when high speed filling of rail cars, boats, bowsers & heavy plant equipment.

Mechanical or electronic register variants are available; the electronic type can be easily connected to temperature sensors to provide temperature compensation, as well as a remote printer or back office computer to integrate with existing control systems.

MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) fuel flow meters suitable for resale are also part of our range.

Our stainless steel positive displacement (PD) meters – the most accurate flow measurement type – are particularly suitable for use with aggressive chemicals as they feature sturdy & durable components such as carbon bearings & Teflon seals.

With such a comprehensive range of fuel & chemical flow meters & over 30 years’ experience in providing metering solutions for our customers, you can be reassured you are in the hands of proven industry professionals.

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