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Bottom Loading & Metering Skids

Loading Skids and Metering Skids

Loading metering skids that use the concept of fitting pumps and metering equipment onto a movable steel frame has been used for many years, in many process and fluid handling industries. IFC Inflow have been providing liquid loading metering skids and customised systems for the last 30 years. With that experience IFC have developed an expert knowledge of both the concept and its practical application.

At the most basic, loading skids are usually a steel frame, on which a pump or multiple pumps are mounted. A flow meter and an electrical batch control to start/stop the system is fitted to the frame.

From that basic principle IFC have developed a range of skid mounted liquid loading metering skid solutions for many applications, including oil depot and petroleum terminal tanker loading, ISO tank bottom loading, rail, and marine vessel fuelling.

Comprehensive fuel loading systems incorporating loading arms, liquid metering, flow control valves, load computers, overfill protection, emergency and safety systems, tanker earthing and more can be specified to be fitted to IFC loading skids as optional extras.

For depot loading, flow rates of between 800 and 1400 litres per minute are available. A high speed 2400 litres per minute option for terminal applications is also available. IFC tanker loading systems and skid packages meet all current regulations. The loading skids can be designed to operate in zone 1 hazardous areas.

The flexibility in the design of the fuel loading systems means IFC can provide a skid package to suit most fuel and petrochemical applications. By discussing your needs, IFC can help advise on the type of loading equipment that is best suited to your liquid loading needs to create a system incorporating options best suited to your oil or chemical depot requirements.

IFC’s tailored design service is something that has been provided successfully for over thirty years. IFC enjoy a respected industry-wide reputation for supplying tanker loading systems that suit diverse customer needs. IFC have achieved this by combining a top class range of related products with advice based on encyclopaedic industry knowledge which we are keen to put at your disposal.

Discuss your bottom loading metering skids requirement with the industry experts at IFC Inflow.

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