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Swivel Joints

Swivel joints

The IFC heavy duty swivel joints enable the vertical & horizontal movement of pipework, often through 360 degrees, without compromising the strength & rigidity of the overall pipeline. This freedom of movement is ideal for situations where the use of hoses to transfer oil or other petro or chemical liquids is not suitable. The swivel joints are widely used in applications where hazardous products are being handled & are used extensively in our range of Petroleum Loading Arms. Applications include loading and unloading of road and rail tankers, ship to shore transfer of crude oil, to siphon the top of any liquids stored in storage tanks using a floating swivel arm, liquid removal in mining areas, and moving liquids from factory to trucks where fixed piping is unsuitable.

Easy swivel movement is possible through the use of stainless steel ball bearings travelling in a hardened raceway within the joint. IFC swivel joints are available in durable carbon or stainless steel & benefit from PTFE seals for use with a wide range of liquids. They are completely liquid tight to ensure maximum product handling safety.

The 3 part design allows for easy replacement of the main seal. Various flange & elbow options are available, along with weld prep and pre-welded connections. You can specify swivel joints in 2”, 3” & 4” inch full bore size.

With over 30 years’ experience & a long list of customers we’ve successfully helped with a solution tailored to their swivel joints requirements, you can be confident we’ll provide a long-lasting & efficient loading system for you too.


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