Truck Loading Arms

Tanker Loading Arms

Our range of loading arms includes general purpose top & bottom loading and unloading arms, which are used for tanker loading & unloading of a multitude of liquids including, but not restricted to, chemicals, paints, solvents, food stuffs & beverages.

Petro-Load Petroleum Loading Arms

Our range of Petro-Load petroleum loading arms are available in both top & bottom loading specifications, & are designed to provide a fuel loading solution tailor made for our customers’ requirements.

Bottom loading of petroleum tankers has been adopted as standard in many areas of the world & provides many benefits, including faster loading rates, simultaneous loading of multiple compartments & tanker overfill monitoring, along with the added safety of the operator not working at height.

Our 445 bottom loading arm has been designed to meet the requirements for petroleum bottom tanker loading, & is the ideal solution for oil terminals & oil distribution depots.

We also provide petroleum top loading arms, as top loading is still common practice in many parts of the world, & has many associated risks, including safe handling of hazardous products, manual handling & recovery of displaced vapours.

Our range of top loading arms provide safe & economic solutions for petroleum liquid transfer into road tankers, rail tankers & ISO tanks.

Chem-Load Chemical Loading Arms

Our Chem-Load range of chemical loading arms are intended to solve many of the difficulties associated with the handling & safe transfer of chemicals, solvents, paints, inks, & foodstuffs when loading or unloading road tankers & ISO tanks at ground level, or from the tops of tankers.

From a health a safety view point, the use of bottom loading arms offers the safest way for rail & road tanker loading & unloading, without the need for working on top of the tanker, thus eliminating any risks associated with working at height.

However, our general purpose top loading arms are designed for companies & industries that still require their products to be loaded into the tops of tankers. Their articulated design provides maximum flexibility & alignment, & they can be fitted with optional vapour recovery or overfill prevention systems.

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