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Petroleum Loading Arms

Petrol Loading Arms

Our Petro-Load range of petroleum loading arms – available in both bottom & top loading versions – have been developed using our years of industry experience to provide fuel loading arm solutions precisely suited to your specific requirements. Our general purpose fuel loading arms are available in a choice of bore sizes from 2 inch upwards.

Our focus is very much on providing fuel loading arms to suit your site requirements; for example, we provide a high throughput four inch bottom loading version available with flow rates of up to 2500 litres per minute, ideal for fuel distribution facilities such as oil depots & fuel terminals.

Our Petro-Load petroleum loading arms work in a wide temperature range from -25°C to +85°C, & various options can be specified such as composite, rubber or metallic braided hosing, proximity switches, & stand posts, along with provision for specifics such as loading arm heated systems.

We supply our Petro-Load bottom loading arms to the UK & other petroleum bottom loading markets, as well as offering a range of petroleum top loading arms for other parts of the world still using top loading facilities. Our extensive customer base includes major oil companies, petroleum terminals, tank storage companies, oil depots, & petroleum refineries.

High speed vehicle refuelling needs such as for large plant applications & railcars can be handled with our small bore loading arms. Typical applications include refuelling rail locomotives & diesel multiple units. These arms are available in a bottom reach or variable height swivel boom type.

Petroleum Top Loading Arms

Our petroleum top loading arms are used extensively in many parts of the world where top loading is still common. Our range of top loading arms come in 3in or 4in bore for minimum pressure drop & they offer high flow rates up to 2400L/min, & a maximum working pressure of 10 bar.

Our petroleum top loading arms are balanced with a torsion or compression spring for ease of operation & are fitted with a manual shut off valve. They are built to last from carbon steel & aluminium, & are available with a choice of 2 part ductile iron or 3 part carbon steel swivel base.

Various options are available to fine tune our top loading arms to your requirements such as a drip pans; loading valves with stay open or hold open control; vacuum breakers; proximity switches; manual hold down, & mitre or tee type drop pipe deflectors.

The arm dimensions can be modified depending on your site requirements.

Petroleum Bottom Loading Arms

Our Petro-load 445 series bottom loading arms are a popular solution to the demands of many of our customers’ petroleum terminals, refineries, & oil storage depots. Along with offering safety advantages over top loading systems, bottom loading arms make for faster petroleum tanker loading, & have been the norm in the UK & many other countries for a number of years.

The 445 series loading arm – also known as hose loading arms – offer a safe, secure, & leak-free petroleum tanker bottom loading solution, & are an ideal replacement for first generation arms or used as part of an upgrade when converting from top to bottom loading. The Petro-Load 445 series also forms the heart of our oil depot bottom loading skids & has been designed to meet the rigours of petroleum terminal & oil depot operations.

These loading arms are fully featured & provide a high specification to meet most tanker loading needs: a wide operating temperature range of -25°C to +85°C; a maximum working pressure of 15 bar; a 100mm/inch internal bore for minimum pressure drops, & a high flow rate of 2500L/min.

The arms benefit from durable & hard wearing carbon steel swivel joints using a 3 part design of high grade steel & stainless steel inner raceway for maximum corrosion resistance & easy maintenance. The 445 incorporates a sealed for life fully adjustable spring balance for ease of use, & a fixed elbow with drop hose swivel made of aluminium.

The 445 bottom loading arms are finished off in a hard wearing paint to help prevent corrosion, & maintenance is straightforward with an easily changed swivel joint & low cost spares.



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