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Worldwide export is a large sector of the oil, fuel, and petroleum industry. IFC Inflow have gained a respected reputation in the UK for top class range of tanker loading equipment & industry expertise. IFC also export globally to customers in many different countries:

Recent areas of business export include:
• The Middle East – Saudi Arabia – Safe tanker access, folding stairs, tanker loading skids. Qatar – Tanker loading skids. Oman – Safe tanker access & folding stairs
• Europe – Belgium – Safe tanker access & folding stairs. Ireland – Terminal loading arms & tanker access gantries. Romania – Rail loading systems. A project based in Romania, included a safe access gantry, rail tanker bottom unloading & rail tanker top loading, all designed in the UK and then transported to Bucharest.
• Africa – Nigeria – Loading arms & flow meters
• Far East – Sri Lanka & Indonesia – Loading arms & hoses

The IFC range of top quality equipment, loading and safe access solutions are available in various specifications & options. IFC make the ideal partner for your safe tanker loading operations

IFC Inflow worldwide export success is founded on two main focuses:

Equipment Sales & Distribution

IFC provide an extensive range of branded products that are sold either directly, or through local distributors & agents in other countries for worldwide export. We have business connections in Europe, the Middle East, & Africa, IFC equipment is available globally.

With the United States and Canada being part of the largest oil and oil product producers and refiners in the world, IFC loading arms and bulk liquid loading skids are being specified on new and existing processing depot projects. IFC Inflow are able to provide detailed email quotes for initial information. We are happy to offer onsite visits and installation as part of the IFC Complete Project Solution.

IFC own-branded equipment includes the following:

  • Flow-Step folding stairs – Providing a safe, efficient, & flexible way to access the tops of road & rail tankers.
  • Chem-Load & Petro-Load loading arms – as their names suggest, these loading arms are designed for chemical & fuel loading requirements respectively, & are available in a range of specifications to suit specific industry needs. From standard ‘off the shelf’ arms, to tailor made solutions, we can provide the right arm for almost every requirement
  • Acuflow bulk flow meters – a range of durable & well-made positive displacement flow meters designed to provide accurate & easy-to-read measurements in all types of conditions & applications.

Integrated Solutions

Industry experience and know-how makes IFC Inflow the ideal partner to plan & execute any size project for worldwide export, from upgrading existing equipment, to providing an entire loading operation solution. We have worked on a number of international export projects ranging from the provision of large fall prevention gantries, bottom loading skids, specialist loading arms, & complete tanker loading facilities. From planning, to design & implementation, no project is too big or small.

Along with advice based on over 30 years of industry experience, IFC can offer you the benefit of the latest in design techniques such as CAD, to provide a purpose built facility tailored precisely to your business.

Whether you are a multi-national company looking for a tailored solution or a smaller, independent operator with your own specific needs, IFC Inflow would be delighted to put their industry knowledge at your disposal.

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