Major Chemical Manufacturer Contacts IFC for Top Loading Upgrade to Chemical Loading Arm & Safe Tanker Access

OVERVIEW: A leading global chemical manufacturer based in the North East of England approached IFC to assist them with upgrading their old chemical loading facility. The company specialises in the production of acrylics including the industry leading brand Perspex. In a site upgrade programme at their plant they required a new specialist chemical top loading arm fitted with pneumatic control, vapour extraction & overspill protection installed to a new safe tanker access platform to provide safer & faster loading of their fleet of chemical road tankers. IFC proposed a top loading upgrade to modernise and improve productivity on the old dated site.

IFC SOLUTION: The plant produces a range of toxic & corrosive chemicals which need careful handling when loading into road tankers. For the new Monomer loading stand, IFC Inflow were appointed to provide a full package of equipment to achieve this.

LOADING PLATFORM – The IFC LP1600 loading platform was selected. Due to the height of the tankers this was designed with an intermediate platform for greater stability.

TANKER ACCESS – Our Flow Step 4 STEP folding stair unit fitted with a stainless steel safety cage was installed on the loading platform to allow safe & easy access to the top of the road tankers. The stairs were fitted with pneumatic assist to allow for easier operation.

LOADING ARM – 4 inch stainless steel variable reach top loading arm. The arm featured IFC’s 3 part swivel joints and sealed compression spring balance, & was fitted with a vapour cone with high level overfill protection. The unit was also supplied with a pneumatic control pendent to allow single operator use whilst on top of the tanker.

TRAFFIC CONTROLKey interlock system. To prevent drive offs, two vehicle barriers were installed on the entrance & exit. A series of sequential key interlocks were installed to ensure the drivers loaded in the correct order.

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