IFC Inflow Design & Provide a Rail Car Loading System in Romania

OVERVIEW: Bucharest based company TVM provide services for the loading & unloading of rail car based goods in Romania. They wanted to provide a system to safely transfer fuel & oil from one type/size of rail tanker to another (transhipping) at a new railway border station in Lasi, Romania. Lasi is a small city in eastern Romania, near the border with Moldova. Working closely with our Romanian partner Compressor Pump Industrial SRL, IFC Inflow designed & provided a rail car loading complete package of equipment satisfying the clients’ requirements. Main factors for the project included a fast & simple unloading/loading system, high accuracy metering, an easy to install gantry & total system suitability for a very cold climate.

IFC SOLUTION: The project was split into three parts – Safe access gantry, Rail tanker bottom unloading & rail tanker top loading.

Safe access gantry – The gantry was designed to bridge the gap between the two sets of tracks & fit on to the rail platform. A working platform and 2 sets of folding stairs & safety cages were also supplied to ensure optimum operator safety.

Rail tanker bottom unloading – A special pumping skid was designed to fit under the gantry between the rail cars. The design allowed bottom discharge from the rail tankers connecting to a high speed transfer pump enabling the total unloading of a full rail tanker in 45 minutes at flow rates up to 55m3hr or 900 l/min. A special control system was fitted to prevent pump dry running. A high accuracy 150mm/6” meter was fitted at the discharge of the skid prior to feeding the top loading system.

Rail tanker top loading – A 100mm/4inch top loading arm with vapour cone & overfill prevention probe was provided for the receiving tanker . This was fitted to the gantry allowing for quick & easy filing.

Compressor Pump Industrial installed a fire fighting deluge system that encompassed the whole loading area.
Successful installation & commissioning took place in the middle of winter, when temperatures dropped as low as -25°C. Our partners Compressor Pump Industrial provide continued support for the system.

“Both our companies worked well together to provide the best solution for TVM” – Marian Prodan, Director – Compressor Pump Industrial SRL

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