IFC Inflow Provide Bulk Fuel Cabinet Dispenser Solution to Red Funnel Ferries for Shore to Ship Oil Transfer

OVERVIEW: Red Funnel Ferries is the original Isle of Wight ferry service & one of the leading UK passenger & car ferry companies in the UK. They run over 13800 ferry sailings & 23000 jet ferry sailings a year. Red Funnel identified an issue with how they re-fuel their car ferry. The process takes place at their Southampton terminal & the system relied on having to take a full tanker of 20-30 tonnes of fuel per delivery, often at inconvenient times to the ferry schedule. Red funnel required better control of both their bulk fuel stocks & the timing of their ferry re-fuelling along with a need to reduce their dependency on bulk tanker fuel delivery schedules.

IFC SOLUTION: Bulk Fuel Cabinet Dispenser – We proposed a version of our high speed 400 l/min fuel cabinet dispenser connected up to some existing on site fuel storage. This dispenser includes a duty & standby pumping system supplying an Acuflow meter accurate to +/- 0.15%, with a mechanical counter & pulse transmitter for remote registering. Due to the coastal location the cabinet was specially manufactured in stainless steel to combat the effects of salt water corrosion. It also features a built-in drip tray for environmental control & an easy view counter display window. Pump selection & control is provided via a weatherproof switch on the side of the cabinet.

LOADING BOOM: The connection to the ship is made via a post mounted 3” articulated loading arm fitted with a composite hose & dry break coupling to minimise the potential for fuel spills.

OUTCOME: Red Funnel Ferries now have complete control of when and how much fuel they use on daily basis & are able to manage their fuel stocks in a more efficient manner thus saving them time & money.

Rob Langley, Chief Engineer on the Red Funnel Red Falcon ferry stated, “The self-bunkering system allows us the flexibility to bunker as much or as little as we require to meet our daily operational requirements”

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