In industries where operators need to access the top of trucks and tankers, it becomes imperative to ensure their safety. Oil companies need to comply with the Health & Safety regulation specified for their industry. The handling of hazardous chemicals and substances incurs a level of severe risks for the workers. These operations require effective fall prevention systems like folding stairs to provide a safer way for the operators to gain secure access to the top of tankers for inspection or loading. The right folding stairs need to be used to make sure the operator can access the top of a tanker truck safely.

The balanced steel stairways are durable and available in different configurations to suit various applications. You can buy them as part of a comprehensive gantry system or as individual equipment to be fitted retrospectively to existing gantries. Here are the essentials that need to be considered when choosing the right folding stairs:

The Various Types Available:

Folding stairways used for the safety of workers in fluid handling industries are available in different types. The standard form of this system includes self-levelling stairs available with a safety cage for fall prevention. They have pneumatic power kits to mitigate the issues found in manual handling systems. Apart from this, the types of loading gantry stairs include:

Track mounted stairways that are fitted on a track that can easily slide along the gantry to allow access to the tanker system at different height levels. They simplify operations in the systems where there are variations in tanker length and manway access point. The safety lock-break and maintenance-free bearings ensure durability and safety when moving on these stairs. In these systems, the tracks are designed with length increments of 2m.

Powered Folding Stairways that can ease challenging to work on, large safety cages and complex stairs, in a tanker access system. With the help of a pneumatic powered system, the pressure exerted due to the weight and size of the stairs can be loaded onto the kit. It can be fitted to a new system or upgraded in an existing one. The safety of workers operating at heights in the tanker access systems can be assured by using this type of folding stairs. They are compliant with Working at Height laws and ensure the safety of operators in your facility.

The Specifications Available:

A wide array of specifications available in folding stairway solutions can include the standard version of 800mm width that can be fitted into any system design with up to 5 steps all the way up to the much large 2600mm version that can have up to 3 steps. These self-levelling stairs can be designed with a safety cage for fall prevention. The simple control and ease of use of these systems makes the task of loading, inspecting or maintaining the tanker much safer. With the additional extra support and lift you get with the pneumatic power kits, your operators eliminate the risk of back injury and strain caused by manually lift the stairs. The regular stairs use heavy-duty spring cylinders with spring balancing and pull ropes for lift the stairway back up.

Health & Safety Compliances:

With all Working at Height regulations, there needs to be compliances with Health and safety guidelines. Choose the systems specifically designed for safety of operators, with all round protection from trips or falls off tankers.

These are important factors to be considered when looking for the right folding stairs or folding stairways to replace the dangerous drop platforms currently used at many sites.

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