For ensuring the safety and security of personnel working at heights in the process and fluid handling industries, you need robust tanker loading systems. There is a wide range of loading gantry systems that match the specified applications in petroleum, chemicals, food processing, and other liquid handling industries. Whether you are looking to install a new gantry system or simply want to get it fitted to an existing tanker access platform, you can find a product for every need. However, you need to consider some important things in this regard. Here, they are:

1. The Design and Construction Process of the Company:

When you are looking to enhance the performance of an existing tanker loading setup, you should choose an experienced company. It can help in reinventing your loading platform equipment with robust solutions developed over the years. The company should conduct a full site survey for designing a safe tanker access systems that caters to your application needs. Also, the company should use the latest technology like 3D and CAD designing for designing the products as per your specifications.

2. The Complete Range of Products:

There are many products available in gantry loading systems. When looking to invest in these automated systems, you should check the range offered by the manufacturer. It should include self-levelling folding stairs, fixed access platforms and gantries, powered and fully enclosed cage, safety cages, mobile tanker access ladders, and folding stairs with pneumatic controls. With this variety, it becomes easier to choose the products that you need for your facility.

3. The Safety Measures:

In the industries handling hazardous substances, worker safety is a primary concern. The governments have issued several regulations that must be stringently followed. Therefore, you should buy loading gantry systems built with precision and high safety standards. The products should be designed to combat the hazards of electrostatic ignition and ensure risk-free loading or unloading. The access security equipment should preferably include traffic barriers and key interlocks for controlling the loading processes. The barrier systems can be integrated into their designs for controlling the movement of tankers. Also, there are key interlocks that help in completing the entire process with absolute precision.

4. Customized Solutions:

Gantry systems are used for loading and unloading in many industries. In all these facilities, it is essential to meet the worker safety and health regulations for working at heights. Hence, they need modular solutions that can be customised according to the available spaces and heights. These machines should be designed to reduce the downtime with simpler access to the tools and easy monitoring. You can choose a loading system that meets the requirements of your process flow with this customisation feature.

These are the primary factors that must be kept in mind when looking for the best loading gantries.

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