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Mann Tek Couplings

Mann Tek Couplings

Mann Tek couplings are manufactured in both safety break couplings & dry disconnect couplings suitable for the petrochemical & chemical industries.

Mann Tek, based in Sweden, are an industry specialist with over 35 years know how in the design & production of couplings, & are a company we’re confident in working with to provide high quality, effective, & safe coupling equipment.

Mann Tek couplings can be used in the following business segments:

  • Aviation
  • AdBlue
  • Chemical Industry
  • Gas (LPG)
  • Container
  • Military
  • Marine / Offshore
  • Rail tankers
  • Tank trucks
  • Cryogenic

Mann Tek Dry Disconnect Couplings

Mann Tek dry disconnect couplings are designed to provide quick, spill-free connection & disconnection of hoses & pipelines. The main benefit of dry disconnect couplings is the protection they provide to operators & the environment when working with hazardous substances.

These easy to connect & disconnect couplings are used for many different such applications such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, agriculture, & especially when dangerous fluids such as acids are being used.

Along with the operator health risks, spillages of toxic materials can have severe environmental implications. A good dry disconnect coupling removes these risks, & therefore the time & expense of safely clearing up spillages.

Mann Tek’s dry disconnect couplings are used in various types of installation worldwide, including many where specific safety certifications are required.

Mann Tek Safety Break Couplings

Safety break couplings, also known as breakaway couplings, are designed to prevent pull away accidents where vehicles pull away from loading points with the loading equipment still connected, thus eliminating the release of often hazardous substances & preventing damage to the loading and metering equipment, vehicle, & surrounding environment.

They work by breaking at a determined break-load where valves on both sides of the coupling will automatically close, preventing fluids escaping. Using a simple spring-loaded design, they provide a fast shut-off & are easy to reset & service on site.

Mann Tek’s safety break couplings are suitable for a wide range of substances including liquefied gases, chemicals & hydrocarbons, oil, petrochemical, paints, & solvents. Various industry types such as marine, food processing, bulk fuel storage & loading use these breakaway couplings as part of their safety regime.


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