Mann Tek Dry Disconnect Couplings

Mann Tek Dry Disconnect Couplings

Mann Tek dry disconnect couplings are designed to provide quick, spill-free connection & disconnection of hoses & pipelines. The main benefit of dry disconnect couplings is the protection they provide to operators & the environment when working with hazardous substances.

We distribute Mann Tek products range of dry disconnect couplings. They are an industry specialist with over 35 years know how in the design & production of couplings, & are a company we’re confident in working with to provide high quality, effective, & safe dry disconnect equipment.

These easy to connect & disconnect couplings used on Loading & Metering Skids are used for many different applications such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, agriculture, & especially when dangerous fluids such as acids are being used.

Along with the operator health risks, spillages of toxic materials can have severe environmental implications. A good dry disconnect coupling removes these risks, & therefore the time & expense of safely clearing up spillages.

Mann Tek’s dry disconnect couplings are used in various types of installation worldwide, including many where specific safety certifications are required. Combining the wealth of experience between Mann Tek and IFC Inflow, a loading system with the use of Mann Tek couplings makes for a safe loading environment for your employees.



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