An Advanced Metering Skid is the safest method of transferring fluids and gas from a bulk storage facility to transportation vehicles including tankers, railroad cars, pipelines or tanker trucks. In simplest terms, it is a sturdy steel frame, which consists of pipelines and measuring equipment required for metering functionality, the safe transfer of petroleum products and chemical liquids. The components installed on this system include a pump, flow meter, electrical controls, transmitters, beams, valves, and flow computers.

Applications of Meter Skid Systems:

Liquid loading skids and systems have been used for many years in fluid handling industries. These systems are used for applications like ISO tank bottom loading, oil depot and petroleum terminal tanker loading, and marine and rail fuelling.

Features of an Advanced Loading Meter Skid:

The meter skids must conform to accepted industry standards to ensure accuracy in the values. The devices installed on this system have accuracy specifications along with tested accuracy to assure precise measurements. Each of its components plays an important role in this regard. It is necessary to assess their performance on various parameters. Here are the considerations related to the components of this system:

Flow Meter: It is the most significant component of a metering skid. When looking for this system, check the performance features like low pressure drop and sustained accuracy of the flow meter. It should meet the international standards of quality and accuracy.

Pulse Output Device: It is also an important component that converts the rotary motion of meter into electronic pulses that help the meter in interfacing with the flow computer. Check its technical specifications like pulse output, housing, and operating pressure range when looking for an advanced metering system.

Flow Computer: It is the cash register in a custody transfer system. This device is connected to the measurement devices for completing the industry-specific flow calculations in an accurate manner. Check control functions for receiving the measurement of temperature, flow rate limits, pulse outputs, and permissive inputs.

Digital Control Valve: This device helps in managing batch quantity controls using the flow computer. It is preferred for bulk metering applications.

Apart from these, there are many other factors to be considered when you are looking for an advanced metering system. These include:

Site Requirements:

Every site has its own unique loading requirements. Hence, choose a manufacturer offering custom metering systems designed to fit the space available on site. It should suit the varied requirements with robust solutions.

The Flow Rates:

Check the flow rate offered by these systems. For depot loading, a rate of 900-1600 litres per minute is needed. A higher flow rate, up to 2400 litres per minute, is required for terminal applications.

Trust manufacturers that have years of experience and industry knowledge to provide the best metering skid systems suited to different industrial applications.

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