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Depot & Terminal Automation

Depot and Terminal Automation

More & more oil depots are moving to automated electronic skid systems for better depot terminal automation. Older style mechanical and manual equipment is being superseded by electronic systems offering increased security, accuracy, consistency, and the ability to view and control the flow, quantity, and measure centrally using automation software direct to a connected computer.

With over 30 years’ experience in providing the latest in depot terminal automation, we can offer the best in modern equipment & the expertise to design a solution matching your exact requirements.

MPC Pre-set Controller For Tanker Loading Systems

Depot terminal automation utilises the fully-featured MPC pre-set controller for a reliable & easy to use load computer that can control up to eight metering/loading points from one control panel.

The MPC handles multiple applications including pump control & the operation of two stage or digital flow control valves for bulk storage, bulk truck loading, bulk tanker & rail car loading.

Overfill Protection & Earth Monitoring

Tank overfills are a major concern in the bulk liquid storage industry. They are a serious potential hazard to your plant assets, the environment and to human lives. Modern electronic solutions minimise your risk and enable you to comply with relevant safety standards such as IEC 61511 and API 2350.

IFC tanker overfill or high level shut off (HLSO) monitors ensure the efficient & safe loading of tankers by monitoring the overfill sensors fitted to the tops of petroleum road tankers. When an overfill occurs the system instigates an automatic shut-down of the loading operation.

Usually integrated into the IFC HLSO monitor is the capability to earth the tanker & constantly check the resistance of the earth ground, ensuring that any static charge build up on the tanker is safely dispelled. The system fails safe if the earth is not present or the resistance is too high.

We also supply separate overfill protection & earth monitoring units for other tanker loading applications.

Tank Gauging

We provide a wide range of efficient & accurate tank gauging systems accurate to +/- 0.25%. Featuring electronic hydrostatic sensors, clear back lit displays, & alarms, our tank gauging equipment can be monitored through a web interface.

Various versions are available suited to individual needs including a type suitable for the larger tanks in fuel supply depots.

Read more about features of Electronic VS Mechanical skids in our post.

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