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Grounding & Overfill Protection

Grounding and Overfill Protection Rack

Petroleum road tanker grounding overfill protection & static grounding are an essential part of tanker bottom loading safety. The grounding & overfill monitor devices we offer are an ideal solution to achieve this. The loading rack monitor forms the basis of one of the key safety systems required for the bottom loading of oil & petroleum road tankers.

The Scully rack monitor provides two safety systems for essential grounding overfill protection:

High Level Overfill Protection

By monitoring the sensors which come fitted into the tops of each compartment in a tanker, the grounding overfill protection monitor is designed to receive a signal from a sensor if it is activated by a high level event. The overfill protection monitor will then provide the control signal to shut down the loading operation before an overfill can happen. This ensures that tanker integrity & environmental protection are maintained.

Earth Grounding Verification

This part of the safety system ensures the tanker is properly grounded before loading can start. It also prevents the build-up of a static charge whilst loading takes place, therefore eliminating the risk of sparks & possible explosions around the loading point. It also monitors the quality of the grounding connection throughout the loading sequence. If the ground connection fails then the rack monitor will shut down the loading operation to prevent grounding overfill protection failure.

We provide tanker overfill & ground monitor devices from industry leading manufacturers with options to suit every application. All our rack monitors are ATEX approved & are SIL 2 compliant.

Rack Monitors

Among other rack monitors, Scully offer safety systems with Dynamic Self-Checking. All system components including sensors, wiring, connections and electronic circuitry are monitored. The Scully system automatically and continuously tests for wet sensors, lack of grounding and system faults. No manual testing is required. Should a wet sensor or fault be detected, the system instantly alerts you and shuts off product flow through the rack system.

Scully loading rack monitors are compatible with Scully tank vehicle sensors. The Scully Loading rack control monitor connects to the Scully socket, truck monitor and ground bolt via a plug and cable to provide vehicle grounding and overfill prevention safety.

Scully Intellitrol Overfill Prevention, Grounding and Vehicle Identification Safety Monitor offers the following:

  • Automatic shut-off of product flow when overfill or fault is detected
  • Automatic detection of two-wire optic/thermistor or five-wire optic vehicle sensors
  • Meets API recommended practice RP-1004 and European Standard EN 13922
  • Establishes rack to truck bond to drain static charges from the vehicle
  • vehicle ID automatically reads the unique vehicle identification number of the Scully vehicle mounted truck, which prevents unauthorised loading

IFC Inflow can advise on the levels of tanker overfill protection suitable as part of a bottom loading skid installation, or if you wish to upgrade your current safety systems.

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