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MPC Preset Controller

MPC Preset Controller

The MPC Multi Point Controller is a fully-featured preset controller which can control up to 8 metering/loading points from one control panel. The MPC preset controller, with a rugged light-weight enclosure, a backlit display, & keypad with no moving parts, it is compatible with most flow meters. The MPC preset controller is a reliable, low cost, easy to use pre-set controller & is widely used on our loading skids & at loading gantries in oil depots & small terminal applications.

The MPC controller provides pump control, operates two stage or digital flow control valves & more in multiple applications, including bulk storage truck loading, bulk tanker & rail car loading, petrochemical bulk plants & aviation. It comes with temperature compensation as standard, & along with flow & temperature measurement, the MPC multi point controller also has options to measure density & pressure. It can be connected to an office based printer for bill of lading printouts & is completely configurable.

The MPC can be used in standalone printer only mode or with remote operation via Terminal Automation Software. It stores up to 30,000 transactions per metering point, is fully programmable, & includes two levels of user access security as standard to prevent unauthorised operation.

Our load computer can be integrated with depot automation software to enable loading & unloading functions are incorporated into site management systems.

With over 30 years’ experience in providing full tanker loading using the latest technology & equipment, talk to us about your automation requirements.


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