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Tank Gauging

Tanker Gauging

We provide a range of modern and advanced tank gauging equipment for the efficient and easy monitoring of wet stock levels in bulk storage tanks at petroleum and oil storage depots.

The tank monitoring systems we use are all manufactured in the UK and have a 2 year warranty.

The tank gauging system is accurate to +/- 0.25%, and includes electronic hydrostatic sensors & local electronic back lit displays which show a constant litres readout. It features a high level alarm as standard & additional relays can be added to provide external signals. It can be monitored through a web interface for advanced depot automation.

The free software provided with the tank gauge allows calibration of any shape or size of tank plus a manual table

entry function. There are 4 programmable alarm set points, including alarms for rising and falling levels.

The T5020 tank monitoring system can be installed in less than 1 hour by a qualified trained techinician.

Power supply to the tank gauging panel can be 24vdc or 100/240 vac, so no mains power is required at the fill point to power the system. Applications include single or multiple Tank Gauging for any shape and size of storage tank. Most petroleum or chemical based liquids or solids can be programmed into the system.

As standard, the sensor for the tank monitoring gauge uses pressure transmitters. There are however options for the use of Ultrasonic and Radar sensors for tank gauging. DP sensors are offered for pressurised tanks, either intrusive for ambient liquids, or external for cryogenic applications.

Communications with the tank gauge is through the RS485 Modbus connection into any suitable reader, which can process the information. A wireless option is available, which can be made into a remote gauge by the addition of the T3100 GPRS web logger, which monitors and sends information via a web browser for easy access and up to date information on the tank including theft detection and fill levels. Display enclosure are IP 65 weatherproofing, and zone 2 / safe area safe and are RoHS & CE compliant.

Various types of tank gauges are available including a version especially suitable for the large tanks in fuel supply depots.

We offer tank gauging solutions from a number of UK based manufacturers who have experience in many liquid level applications including oil storage depots, petroleum terminals & tank storage facilities.

We’d be happy to discuss the tank gauging options available as part of our tailored service.


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