Electronic Or Mechanical Skid, which is right for you?

IFC Inflow skids come in two designs; electronic and mechanical. This relates to the method of registering the metered volume and how the amount of product loaded onto the tanker is controlled. The two options are mechanical, with mechanical counters and presets or electronic, with a central load computer providing electronic loading and flow control.

Electronic skid:

Electronic Skid Loading is performed via the central MPC100 load computer. Advantages of using the electronic system include:-

Driver and vehicle pin code authorisation – Increased security and loading control
Linked to remote printer – easy printing of bills of loading
Links with Terminal Automation Software (TAS) – Integrates loading operations with wet stock control. With remote programming, reporting and overview
10,000 transaction system memory – Easy retrieval of loading histories
On screen instructions for loading – Easy to use for all operators
Back lit display – Good for low light operations
Rugged non moving keys – Low maintenance and increased reliability
Various I/O for interfacing to other devices such as temperature, pressure and density measurement
Electronic skids are ideal for companies who have a number of tankers or multiple depots and want greater levels of security and control

Mechanical skid:

Mechanical Skid Loading is performed via individual mechanical counters. Benefits of a mechanical system include:-

Traditional technology – Tried, tested and reliable
Individual counters on each meter – If one register fails the other meters will continue to work
Widely used – Good availability of parts and service knowledge
Safety First for Complete Peace of Mind

All of our skids have to adhere to the following as standard:

1) Thermal pressure relief

2) Tanker overfill & earth ground monitoring

3) Emergency stop control

4) Vapour venting tank with overfill protection

5) Dry break disconnect couplers

Whichever option you choose you can be assured that operator and tanker loading safety is an integral part of the design on all IFC Inflow skids. IFC will always make sure to meet the following criteria:

• Are designed and built under our ISO9001 Quality Assurance System

• All on skid electrical work is completed by COMPEX certified engineers to the latest ATEX standards

• We use ONLY ATEX or ExD compliant equipment

• All electrical works on our skids is third party inspected by COMPEX certified engineers

• Are built for Zone 1 hazardous area and are suitable for operation with distillates & spirits

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