In applications when it isn’t suitable to use hoses, heavy duty bottom loading arm swivel joints can offer higher efficiency and cost-effective solutions. They facilitate horizontal and vertical movement of pipework without causing damage to the strength of the entire pipeline. Mostly, these swivel joints are used with loading arms for the handling of hazardous products.

Over the years, the design and functionality of bottom loading arm swivel joints have largely evolved for more efficiency. They offer flexibility for loading arms to meet the challenges of loading or unloading liquids. Prior to their use, hoses were used for filling tanks. They were heavy and hard to handle, with heavy hoses being used to cope with the flow of large volumes. In recent times, they have been upgraded with technologies such as low torque swivel joints for enhanced productivity. If you are looking to buy this type of swivel joint, here are the factors to be considered:

Look for Stainless Steel Ball Bearings:
Traditional ball bearing type swivel joints have retained their efficiency through out the years. The use of stainless steel ball bearings allows an easy swivel movement. PTFE seals on these joints are easy to remove for servicing to reduce loading arm downtime and seal replacement time. Also, they are completely leak proof to ensure safe handling of hazardous products. Preferred materials for these joints are made from carbon or stainless steel for their strength.

Check the Size Availability and Replacement Options:
The bore size of bottom loading arm swivel joints must be chosen according to the applications they are intended for. They are available in bore sizes, of 2”, 3”, and 4”. They are also supplied in various flange and elbow options.  As well as weld-prep and pre-weld connections. Look for a design that allows easy replacement of the main seal without removing the ball bearings.

Look For Customisable Solutions:
The applications are varied in every industry. Hence, the requirement for swivel joints also varies. Here, you need the supplier offering customised solutions tailored to serve your application needs. For efficient loading systems, you need long-lasting products built as per your industry specifications. They can improve the efficiency and scale of operations.

An effective loading system can be largely facilitated by the robust and effective bottom loading arm swivel joints. Hence, choose them wisely.

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