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Standard Loading Platforms

Standard Loading Platforms

Standard loading platforms are custom made galvanised steel structures with non-slip steps for accessing the top of ISO tankers or petrochemical trucks for loading or unloading fuels or hazardous liquids.

For situations where you need a compact fixed tanker access platform for effective access & fall prevention, our LP1600 standard loading platforms offers the ultimate in safe tanker access. With its space saving small footprint pedestal design, this tanker access platform is ideal where space is at a premium.

The LP1600 loading platform is suitable for various types of operation including chemical tanker loading, testing, venting & inspection. Thanks to its modular design, the platform can be pre-fabricated away from your site & installed quickly – we could have you operational within a day.

The LP1600 loading platform bristles with safety features: a non-slip platform, steps & stairs, along with safety handrails & knee bars on the steps & platform means it more than conforms to the latest Health & Safety Working at Height fall prevention regulations.

Another key benefit of this tanker access platform is its versatility; by adding our folding stairs & loading arms it can be a fully-fledged tanker loading platform & truck access gantry. The loading platform can take up to 2 sets of folding stairs & 4 loading arms & higher platforms up to 5 metres.

The basic dimensions are 3.6 metres high with a 1.6 metre square platform, & it’s made from a durable hot dip galvanised mild steel.


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