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Vertical Level Platforms

Vertical Level Platforms

Our Vertical Level Platform (VLP) units are the ideal solution for accessing the tops of tankers safely and efficiently. They conform to the latest health & safety working at height regulations and provide a flexible option for tanker loading and other work at height activities such as inspection and cleaning. A safe and lasting answer to your tanker fall prevention requirements.

Our vertical level access platforms are ideal for situations where tankers may have limited access or no catwalk fitted, or where you are unsure of what type of tanker / ISO tank you are accessing, as they comprise of a fully enclosing three rail fall prevention safety cage, specifically sized to suit the range of tankers you work with. The cage can be used on its own and operators work on the top of the tanker or fitted with an in board walkway or flip up floor panels to allow operators to access the tanker top without having to work directly on it. Our Vertical Level Platforms are installed with their own support columns and are provided with a set of steps and small access platform for the operator to work from. The vertical level platform can also be retro-fitted to existing gantries, subject to suitability.

The IFC vertical level platform is easily positioned for tanker top access thanks to advanced power control allied to proximity switches which allow the whole system to be raised and lowered through an easy to use control panel, ensuring perfect positioning of the VLP every time. The whole fall prevention system is available in a range of sizes ranging from 1.4 to 2 metres wide & from 4 to 12 metres long and is made of mild steel and aluminium. The flip up panels can be specified in aluminium or, if corrosion is a particular concern in areas near the sea for example, then marine grade Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) paint may be preferred.

Our VLP’s are suitable for all types of chemical tanker loading and access situations along with providing access to non-hazardous tankers and ISO tanks where fall prevention and operator safety are paramount.

We have worked closely with many customers to provide specific tanker loading solutions to achieve a combination of shorter tanker loading times & increased fall prevention measures. Ask how we could provide the same for you.


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