Flow-Step Folding Stair Powered Option

Flow-Step Folding Stair Powered Option

When using folding stairs, some types can be moved manually whereas the heavier types might prove too difficult to manoeuvre quickly & efficiently. Perhaps narrow access gangways or safety cages make moving them difficult. In these situations, we provide a simple yet effective pneumatic power kit that can take the strain for you providing you with powered folding stairs.

The kit can be specified as part of a new folding stair installation, or can be fitted retrospectively if you decide at a later date you could do with some powered assistance. We can also help if some or all of your existing tanker truck fall prevention stairs were not originally supplied by us.

There may be health & safety issues for your staff operating tanker truck access stairs manually, so our pneumatic powered folding stair kit can help you keep on the right side of current legislation along with making your staff’s work that bit easier, & likely more efficient. A simple up/down lever is installed on the gantry or platform, & compressed air provides the power.

A spring balance system provides emergency back-up in the event of air loss, so safe operation & tanker truck fall prevention is assured at all times. Flow-Step folding stairs help provide safe tanker truck access – powered folding stairs make using them far easier.

We have helped many customers add power to their folding stairs – including some where we have provided a solution on a site with folding stairs of various makes & ages.

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