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Lowtank Mobile Access ladder System

Top Tank Mobile Access Ladder

In order to work safely at height on the back of ISO tank trucks and conform to current health & safety legislation, it is very important to deploy properly designed and easy to use safe tanker access equipment for fall prevention such as our mobile steps and fall prevention safety cage. The Lowtank mobile access ladder is ideal for this situation.

Our Lowtank mobile tanker access system consists of easy to manoeuvre steps incorporating a fall prevention safety cage for safe & efficient ISO tank access. It has been carefully designed as a fall prevention system in conjunction with a major ISO tank operator. It incorporates the benefits of easy to use access steps for getting onto the back of the ISO tank truck and a fall prevention safety cage which provides a clear safe working area for the operator.

These portable tanker access steps are ideal for use when there is a requirement to climb on the back of ISO tanks to access the bottom tank connection valve, for connecting of loading and discharge equipment such as hoses and loading arms. They are highly portable and can be operated by one person. They meet all the latest work at height requirements.

Plenty of safety features are built into our Lowtank ISO tank access steps such as handrails & castor wheels fitted with foot brakes. An easy to use cable and clip system secures the sides of the cage to the ISO tank for extra safety and the equipment is designed for durability with galvanised steel non slip steps, large rubber castors & powder coated steel frame designed to last outdoors.


  • Fixed three rail safety cage helps prevent operators from falling from back or sides of trailers
  • Long cage sides ensure whole of working area is covered
  • Safety clip and cords to secure cage sides to tank container
  • Extra wide stairs make carrying hoses or specialist PPE easy and trip free
  • One person operation allows easy positioning and access
  • Large castor wheels ensure good operation on uneven ground
  • Provides safe working area and increases operator confidence


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