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Bulk Intake Flow Meters

bulk intake meters

Bulk intake meters allow for efficient & accurate metering of fuel into storage tanks. This makes for straightforward checking of fuel stocks, & ensures that the amount of fuel delivered into your storage tanks is the same as the amount you have been billed for. It’s also ideal as part of an overall site fuel stock reconciliation set up that could include the incorporation of Acuflow meters or SATAM positive displacement meters.

The bulk fuel meters include an efficient air eliminator unit fitted prior to the metering chamber, which removes any air before it is measured. An air check valve can also be fitted to act as a safeguard & will shut the flow of fuel off if air is present.

Flow rates are always dependent on the off load pump, & our bulk intake meters can handle flow of up to 800 litres per minute with a high flow rate system featuring a bulk air eliminator, & air check valve of up to 1400 litres per minute available for bulk rail & marine applications.

Bulk fuel intake meters are available in 2in, 3in & 4in sizes, & options include a ticket printer, flow rate indicator & electronic pulse transmitter.

Fast fuel intake meters are typically used in bulk oil storage depots, large transport companies, rail refuelling facilities, & anywhere that takes delivery of petroleum, kerosene, diesel, gas oil, and stores fuel in bulk.

As experts in supplying metering to various types of fuel supply set up, we’re ideally placed to help you with your requirements. Speak to us to find out how our 30 years’ experience in the industry can benefit you.


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