Folding Stairs

Providing safe and convenient access and exit from a safety platform to the top of tanker is an industry requirement in most parts of the world. These stairs can be operated pneumatically or manually. They are easy to adjust to the truck height. Folding stairs have safety hinges with pull ropes for returning the stairs to their normal non-operating position. Some of the many advantages of using these stairs are listed below.

Helps prevent accidents

Folding stairs are usually fitted with knee guards and handrails as safety precautions. Losing your footing will not result in any serious injuries. It comes with on outboard step which enhances stability on top of the tanker. It also provides additional space for carrying out required operations. They are also fitted with slip-free stairs which help eliminate greasy surfaces which might lead to falls.

There are also folding stairs with safety cages to protect operators on top of the tanker. These are pneumatically or hydraulically powered or operated manually.

Furthermore, the stairs are held in place by a locking chain to ensure they remain in a fixed position. It is therefore totally safe for anyone working on top of the tanker.

They fulfil occupational health and safety requirements

As a means of ensuring workers’ health and safety, it is now a requirement in many countries to use folding stairs. Health and safety authorities enforce the use of folding stairs since they keep workers safe from falls and slips which can occur while on top of the tanker.

Business owners are responsible for the safety of their workers and are thus in favour of using the safe folding stairs.

Helps in preventing damage to the tanker

Using foldable stairs enables easy access to the fixed platform on the truck. Here, one can load the tanker and inspect it for safety and maintenance purposes.

Furthermore decontaminating and washing of the tank’s compartments are easy to accomplish. Additionally, foldable stairs have a rubberised bumper which helps prevent sparking and contributes to keeping the tanker safe.

Makes the operators work easier

Whether you need to test or take a sample of any liquid in a tanker, folding stairs are the answer. With them, you have easy access to the whole length of the tanker. You are also able to open vents for bottom loading with the use of the folding stairs.

Access to any tankers

Foldable stairs are adjustable and are useful when working with a variety of different tankers. They are used on tank cars, tank trucks, and hopper trucks. Even when working with different sizes and heights of tankers, folding stairs are useful. You can apply them efficiently when working with multiple tankers by having the folding stairs mounted on a rail track.

For any business handling, loading and offloading of large quantities of liquids, folding stairs are a very important assets. They increase work efficiency and makes the work environment safer.

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