Careers in Engineering

IFC recently hosted two students on a work experience week. Tom & Keiron are both interested in pursuing careers in engineering, & it was an ideal way for them to get a taste of what goes on in a small business. They were given a range of tasks including learning how to draw layout plans on our CAD software package, designing & making a new safety aid for production, & investigating & repairing some faulty equipment in our workshop. Tom & Keiron chose IFC Inflow for their work experience week because they wanted a good insight into how studying engineering related subjects at college can lead to jobs that can become rewarding careers.

Why is Engineering so important?

Engineering plays a very important part in all our lives from vital issues such as delivering clean water to your taps at home to the creation of apps on your phone. Without engineers we would be without a lot of essential things such as medical devices and the hospitals to use them in to make patients better. Engineering is useful in specialist, technical, and practical industries. There are elements of maths, science, research, prototypes, design, maintenance, and production. Every industry including the manufacture of our Flow-Step safety access stairs, gantries, and multi-level fall prevention system require precise and efficient work of engineers. At IFC, we design, manufacture and maintain large scale projects that are used by the petrochemical industries. With good knowledgeable engineers, this sector is at the forefront of developing the future. The two students on their work experience for a week, were both interested in pursuing careers in engineering. They were both interested in the mechanics of how things work, and how they could use skills learnt in the classroom in the work place.

The Future

The future for Engineering is in the hands of our colleges and universities in the UK to help guide young talented people into apprenticeships and work in Engineering as a career. Keiron is planning to choose GCSE subjects that will help him progress within the field, and Tom is aiming to study Engineering at University in the coming years. We wish them both the best of luck in their future careers.

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