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Electronic Loading SkidsIFC provide an extensive range of branded products that are sold either directly, or through local distributors & agents in other countries for worldwide export. We have business connections in Europe, the Middle East, & Africa, IFC equipment is available globally. With the United States and Canada being part of the largest oil and oil product producers and refiners in the world, IFC loading arms and bulk liquid loading skids are being specified on new and existing processing depot projects. IFC Inflow are able to provide detailed email quotes for initial information. We are happy to offer onsite visits and installation as part of the IFC Complete Project Solution.

IFC own-branded equipment includes the following:

  • FlowStep folding stairs
  • Chemload loading arms
  • Petroload loading arms
  • Acuflow bulk flow meters
  • Why Choose IFC Inflow?

    With the wide range of products combined with 30 years of industry expertise, IFC can provide tailored solutions for many safe tanker access, tanker loading applications & more. IFC can quickly recognise & understand clients specific challenges, and come up with unique integrated systems.

    Contact us with your requirements and we’ll get back to you asap with a custom quotation.

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