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Oil Depot Loading Skids

Oil Depot Loading Skids

Depot loading skids are designed for the bulk liquid transfer of petroleum or chemicals into trucks. Road tanker bottom loading skids are now commonplace at oil distribution depots. The majority of petroleum tankers are now fitted with bottom loading equipment. This eliminates the need for the operator to get on top of the tanker to fill it, thus reducing the risk of fall from height accidents.

Many oil distributors have already made the move to bottom loading skids, & as more companies upgrade their sites or develop new depots, investment in efficient & reliable tanker truck loading equipment is a must. This usually takes the form of one of our bottom loading skids. Our depot tanker loading skids are fully integrated loading systems, complete with meters, pumps, loading arms, batch control equipment, stock control & safety systems, all mounted on a transportable galvanised steel frame.

All our bottom loading skids meet current safety legislation relating to road tanker loading, & are available in a variety of loading speeds from 800 to 1,400 litres per minute. The loading arms feature a 3 part swivel joint for durability & low maintenance, along with durable API couplers & high quality composite or steel braided hosing.

Safety benefits include tanker earth monitoring & overfill protection; emergency shut off & a thermal pressure relief system. Our depot bottom loading skids are available in different versions tailored to your exact requirements.

We are the largest supplier of oil tanker loading skids in the UK, & have helped a number of customers set up tailored bottom loading skid solutions, from small single depot operations right up to nationwide multiple site upgrade projects.

Along with supplying the loading skid, we can also provide a one stop project management service including all on-site installation & commissioning, backed up with ongoing service & support.

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  • Read about the advantages and benefits of electronic and mechanical Tanker Loading Skids in our brochure:

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