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Mechanical Loading Skids

Mechanical Loading Skids

We’ve established ourselves over the past 30 years as the largest supplier of mechanical loading skids in the UK oil depot market, & have helped all kinds of customer meet current oil depot loading demands for road tanker bottom loading.

Our mechanical bottom loading skid is designed to provide all the equipment needed to safely bottom load road tankers, & come fully equipped with the flow meters, loading arms, pumps, & safety & control systems, all mounted on a sturdy galvanised frame. The mechanical skid also features individual Veeder-Root mechanical register counters, pre-set counters, & printers, mounted on the top of each meter.

Our mechanical skids were developed when bottom loading became popular a number of years ago.

Mechanical skids are a lower cost option than their electronic counterpart, & are most suitable for sites with a lower level of product throughput or for those companies who are more comfortable with traditional registering equipment.

Batch loading is performed through the mechanical register assembly, & the batched load can be printed via the integrated ticket printer on the meter assembly. There is no facility to connect a mechanical skid to any depot automation systems.

As with all our skids, it can be easily moved to wherever it is needed, & is available in various specifications to suit your requirements such as loading speeds of between 800 & 1400 litres per minute, & highly accurate metering of +/- 0.15%.

The accent is on durability & reliability with such features as corrosion resistant powder coated carbon steel pipework, loading arms with three part swivel joints for long life, high quality composite hoses, & long lasting API couplers.

Safety features include tanker earthing, overfill protection, emergency shut off, & an integrated thermal pressure relief system. This helps our depot loading skids meet all current regulations including ATEX zone 1 hazardous areas.

This tanker bottom loading solution is most suitable for small oil depots & terminals.


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