Safe Tanker Access

In the chemical and petroleum industries having safe tanker access is necessary to insure workers are provided with the best tanker access systems. Here, you must look beyond their fabrication quality to find better structural elements and workflow design. The system tailored to specific industrial requirements is always preferable. Also, you need systems offering faster delivery, installation, and processing of liquids. IFC Inflow, the designers of these tanker access platforms, offer comprehensive solutions including after-sales support, operator training and product commissioning. They are perfectly suitable for bulk liquid transfer at the facilities that require access via the top of the tankers.

The loading functions and safe tanker access in these industries require general purpose systems used for loading and unloading of various types of liquids that may include paints, chemicals, foodstuff, beverages, and solvents. Tanker access systems often include:

Petroleum Loading Arms

Mostly, these arms are available as top loading arms and bottom loading arms with customised specifications. They offer comprehensive loading solutions. Bottom loading arms are considered standard equipment for the petroleum industry worldwide. They offer multiple benefits including faster rates of loading; overfill monitoring of the tanker, and safety for operators. They are suitable for oil refineries, distribution depots, and oil terminals. The manufacturer should provide both top loading and bottom loading varieties.

Here, you need to assess petroleum loading arms on parameters such as wide temperature range, heated systems, and wetted materials of the arms. These systems can cover your high-speed refueling needs for various applications. Top loading arms with minimum pressure drop and high flow rates are also preferred for specific industrial applications.

Chemical Loading Arms

Here, the primary requirement is the ability to handle different types of substances that require special attention. You can opt for made-to-measure services that offer specific solutions that will suit individual requirements of the industry. When buying Chemical Loading Arms for the chemical industry, you must check their materials and make a selection accordingly. Heated systems are preferred for the transfer of materials that must be kept at high temperatures. The options in chemical loading arms include top loading systems and bottom loading systems. These can be pneumatically controlled for facilitating easier manual handling. Check the specifications and features of arms comprehensively before selecting them.

Folding Stairway Systems

These systems provide a secure way for the operators to work at height on road tankers or rail tankers. Here, the foremost consideration is compliance with safety regulations. You can buy these stairways as individual units or as a component of safer tanker access systems. The fall prevention system should be integrated into the design taking account of the flexibility and security features including safety cages.

These are the types of tanker access platforms that can be used for industrial applications in petroleum and chemical industries.

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