Petroleum Top Loading Arms

Petroleum top loading arms

Our Petro-Load petroleum top loading arms are used extensively in many parts of the world where petroleum top loading is still common. We export our range of top loading arms all over the world with various options to suit your petroleum tanker loading demands.

The flexibility of the design & available options means we should be able to provide a top loading arm to meet your requirements. They work within a wide range of temperatures (-25°C to +85°C); are of a variable reach design to suit many applications; 3in or 4in bore for minimum pressure drop; offer high flow rates up to 2400L/min & a maximum working pressure of 10 bar.

Our loading arms are balanced with a torsion or compression spring for ease of operation & are fitted with a shut off valve. They are built to last from carbon steel & aluminium, & are available with a choice of 2 part ductile iron or 3 part carbon steel swivel base.

Various options are available to fine tune our top loading arms to your requirements such as a drip pans; loading valves with stay open or hold open control; vacuum breakers; arm proximity switches; manual hold down, & mitre or tee type drop pipe deflectors.

The arm dimensions can be modified depending on your site requirements. Our Petro-Load arms design is the product of over two decades of experience in providing tanker loading equipment, so call to discuss your options.

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