In the chemical truck loading system industry, loading and unloading of aggressive solutions is a challenging task. This industry has specific requirements for handling of hazardous fluids. There are probable threats to the operators working on these systems. Some chemicals are extremely flammable and can cause severe damage to the tanker and inflict serious injuries to the workers. For proper handling and control of these processes, you need an advanced chemical truck loading system that helps in avoiding spillage, leakage, and accidental damage. You should choose the best solutions designed for this industry. Also, focus on the individual requirements of your applications. Here are the things to consider for making the right selection:

Understand Your Needs:

Every site involved in handling and processing chemicals requires high safety measures. There are different safety parameters for various chemical industries. Hence, the systems applicable in other industries may not be compatible with the requirements of your site. You need specific solution customised according to your applications. The chemical loading systems primarily include bottom loading and top loading arms. For handling corrosive chemicals, you should favour PTFE-lined arms and for oil and chocolate, opt for heated loading arms.

Understand the Capabilities of System:

When choosing a chemical truck loading system, you should research its features and capabilities. Some factors to be considered in this regard are the overall loading time, costing, and operating parameters of the system. A time-laden system can affect the productivity of your loading process.

Hence, you should make a selection based on flow rates and loading times. Also, check the pressure limit and working temperature of the loading system. Ask the supplier about the turbulences occurring inside the tank at time of loading or unloading of the chemicals from the tanker truck. A high-quality chemical truck loading system can increase the pace of operations.

Understand the engineering of the System:

It refers to the quality of metals used for the manufacturing of chemical truck loading systems. Stainless steel and aluminium are the preferred option due to their compatibility with aggressive and highly concentrated chemicals. These alloys are suitable for handling a variety of substances. You should assess their resistance and compatibility with the chemicals before investing in it.

Understand the Design:

For accuracy and efficiency in the chemical loading processes, you need flexible design in a loading gantry system. Prefer articulated arms that function with swivel balance mechanism for maintaining parallel connections between tanker and couplings. Choose a design that suits the space and site requirements.

Apart from these, look for the additional features like pneumatic control, mechanical lock down, auto press down, and remote pendant operation for better efficiency and safety. These are the factors that can affect the functioning of chemical loading systems installed at your facility. Hence, you should keep them in mind when making your selection.

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