Tanker Loading Arms
We are one of the leading suppliers of tanker loading equipment & safe tanker access systems.
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Mobile Tanker Access
Safely access the tops of road tankers & ISO containers without the need for a fixed platform.
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Safe Tanker Access
A loading platform is the ideal low cost, easy to install, low maintenance safe access solution for working on the tops of tankers & ISO containers.
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Loading Skids & Tanker Loading Systems
We are specialists in bottom loading skids for oil depots & petroleum terminals.
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We work at the forefront of innovation & technology.
Petroleum Bottom Loading Arm
Petroleum Loading Arms

Our Petro-Load range of top & bottom loading arms are perfectly suited for fuel distribution facilities like oil depots & fuel terminals.

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Chemical Top Loading Arm
Chemical Loading Arms

Our Chem-Load range of bottom & top loading arms are suitable for chemical, solvents, paints, & other liquids that require special handling.

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Folding Stairs with Safety Cage
Flow-Step Folding Stairs

Our Flow-Step range of folding stairs provide a safe way to access road & rail tankers & ISO tanks from fixed gantries. They are a part of our tanker fall prevention

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Multi Level Platform for Safe Access to the Top of Tanker Trucks
Safety Cage Systems

Our range of total tanker safety cages offer a totally enclosed working area whilst carrying out operations on the tops of tankers, & is apart of our tanker fall

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Mobile Top Tank Tanker Access
Mobile Tanker Access

Our top tank mobile tanker access ladder is designed to provide a safe tanker access solution for sites which do not have a fixed access platform.

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Multi Level Fixed Tanker Access with Safety Cage
Fixed Tanker Access

Our range of fixed tanker access solutions includes loading platforms, gantries, & multi level platforms, enabling your staff to work safely & efficiently.

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Tanker Loading & Safe Access Systems

Since 1987 we have been designing, building & selling equipment & solutions for use in bulk liquid loading, & road & rail tanker safe access. We sell our own range of IFC loading arms, folding stairs, loading platforms, mobile tanker access ladders, & flow meters. We also design & build tailored liquid loading, & tanker safe access solutions to specific client requirements, & are experts at providing the right solution at the right price.

We offer fast production, delivery & installation, full factory assembly, certified testing, very experienced project management & installation teams, & extensive after sales support including equipment commissioning & operator training. Our equipment is used by companies whose operations involve bulk liquid transfer or the need to access the top of road/rail tankers.

Product Range

Our comprehensive range of equipment covers loading platforms to loading arms for the fuel & chemical industries

About IFC Inflow

Liquid Loading & Safe Tanker Access Specialists

We are experts in bulk liquid handling, top & bottom tanker loading, safe tanker access & fall prevention systems. We are the market leading suppliers of bottom loading skids for UK oil distributors & have over 100 systems installed on depots throughout the UK & Ireland.

Since 1987 IFC Inflow have been designing, building, & selling loading arms, folding stairs, tanker access gantries, fall prevention equipment, & tanker loading skids. We also sell a number of key complimentary products, including bulk flow meters, high speed transfer pumps, depot automation equipment, dry disconnect couplings & swivel joints.

  • Equipment
  • Markets
  • Integrated Tailored Projects
  • In-House Design Engineering

what Our Clients Say about Us

SHEQ Consultancy Ltd specified a TopTank to access ISO containers from IFC Inflow. Once delivered, assembled, commissioned, and the operators were trained we received this response - 'Yesterday went extremely well and I have received a positive response from the operators. Please provide me with a quote for an annual service on the TopTank tanker ladder access unit.' - -
‘We commissioned the first IFC skid unit and from then on it worked without fault. I was so impressed that we had no reservations in placing an order for a second skid- truly a well built, reliable piece of vital equipment' - Robert Weedon – Managing Director - (Mitchell & Webber)
'IFC have been efficient, professional and have provided excellent service to Hannoil and our clients. We are happy doing business with them.' - Hanny Mouhtiseb - Managing Director (HannOil)
'We were very pleased with the speed and efficiency of the bottom loading conversion as IFC had been given a tight timetable to carry out the project.' - Philip Dawes - Managing Director (FC Dawes)
'When looking into the market to purchase bottom loading equipment, we focused on a simple solution, with safety and reliability. I can report we choose well, IFC Inflow have delivered on service, reliability and expertise.' - Duncan Lambert - Director & General Manager (Rix Petroleum)


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