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We provide a range of Tanker Fall Prevention systems designed to keep your business and your people safe.

We have many years’ of experience in designing tanker fall prevention products and solutions. IFC Inflow designed products allow you to build a custom solution to your road and rail tanker loading and unloading needs. We work with you to create solutions that are perfectly tailored to your unique needs. Our solutions include mobile access platforms, safety cages, fixed platforms and folding stairs.

At IFC, we build our solutions in a unique way. Our mantra is, and has always been, safety by design. Our customers rely on us to provide solutions to their challenges, no matter how complex they may be. Always ensuring we keep their people safe and their business operating in the most optimal way.

Our range of Tanker Fall Prevention Systems.

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We provide tanker fall prevention solutions to a wide range of industries. Always focusing on safety by design. Click below to find out all the industries we currently work in.

Fall Prevention

Hierarchy of Control

The Fall Prevention Hierarchy of Control is a framework used in occupational health and safety management to prioritise and implement measures for preventing falls in the workplace. You can read what the HSE has to say about elimination risks here.  Falls are a leading cause of workplace injuries and fatalities in many industries, so the hierarchy provides a structured approach to addressing fall hazards effectively. The hierarchy consists of several levels, with each level representing a different approach to fall prevention, listed in order of effectiveness

Step 1

Eliminate the need to access tops of tankers

We offer bottom loading arms – our PetroLoad (Petroleum Loading) and ChemLoad (Chemical Loading) arms help reduce or altogether eliminate the need to work on top of tankers.

Step 2

Provision of a loading and unloading gantry

IFC offer a complete solution for fixed gantries including safe tanker access and work equipment such as FlowStep (Folding Stairways), TTSC (Total Tanker Safety Cages), VertiLev (Vertical Loading Platforms) and MultiLev (Multi Level Platforms) fall prevention.

Step 3

Portable ladders with platforms

The IFC TopTank (Tanker Top Loading) and LowTank (Low Level Tanker Loading) systems offer completely mobile tanker access solutions. And TopTank includes a fall prevention safety cage for tanker top operations.

Step 4

Installation of fall arrest systems

Seen as a last resort safety provision in relation to health and safety, we do not provide fall arrest systems for safe tanker access. Because the whole IFC Inflow philosophy is built on preventing the operator from falling, rather than catching them after the accident has occurred.

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Tanker Fall Prevention Systems

We regularly provide our thoughts, as well as examples of our projects, in our news section. Below you will find the latest three articles on Fall Prevention Systems. To visit our full news page, just click on the link below the articles.

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