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IFC Inflow, 35 Years And Counting

For 35 years, IFC Inflow has been growing as a company and helping many different industries to improve and enhance the way in which they work. So, let’s take a look at the company and what we have achieved through the years, how we work and where we see ourselves.


1987 – IFC Inflow was started in 1987 with the aim of selling tanker loading and processing metering equipment. Four engineers had a vision and used their skills and expertise to get the business up and running. Back in 1987, petroleum fuels were top loaded into tanks and so safety was not a high priority, so IFC Inflow had a goal of changing things for the better.

Into the 1990s – This was a busy period of growth for the company and during this time, we developed a bottom loading system to assist bottom loading tankers and soon, we became one of the top suppliers. We worked closely with many UK based oil companies and we started to place an emphasis on tanker fall prevention, so we developed safe tanker access and fall prevention solutions for those companies that were still top loading. We also worked on developing solutions to help aid the transfer of hazardous products to non-petroleum markets such as the chemical sector.

Into the 2000s – As we moved beyond the turn of the Millennium, we focused on working with the fuel distribution market by increasing our bottom loading skid supply. We formed solid relationships with leading UK authorised distributors to ensure that their depots were converted to bottom loading before we then expanded into the rail sector.

Beyond 2010 – We worked on developing further products and this included tanker loading arms and fall prevention systems, taking us up to where we are today.


From our beginning back in 1987, we had a focus on working with the petroleum industry and this is where we positioned ourselves initially. The company recognised that there was a real problem when it came to both environmental and operator safety. As a result, we developed products that helped to overcome these problems, helping to make the handling of petroleum fuels safer.

However, we soon recognised that there were other industries that could benefit from our expertise and our range of products and solutions. As a result, we then moved into the chemical sector as well as its vertical supply chain. Following this, we then expanded further and this found us working with many different industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, rail, aviation and cement, powders and aggregates.


Over the course of 35 years, as you can imagine, the company has worked on a wide range of projects but for the company owners and employees, some stand out more than others. IFC Inflow is a flexible company which means that it can find itself working with large companies and multi-million-pound projects to projects that involve small startups.

We worked with West Yorkshire Trading Standards to install pneumatic power kits to the existing tanker access stairs while we also helped to deal with manual handling issues at Total Bitumen UK. Furthermore, we have also worked with Red Funnel Ferries to provide a bulk fuel cabinet dispenser solution while we also worked with Carrs Billington to provide an electronic controlled bottom loading skid. As you can see, we have worked on many projects, all of which are varied.


We have been fine-tuning our products since our first day but in the modern world, we find that we have to move faster and make use of the latest technology. It is a competitive world and we want to keep our clients satisfied in every possible way. So, while we are still working on safety equipment that offers fall prevention and safer liquid loading, we also want to ensure that we continue to offer more.

We might offer leading solutions but we do much more than that because we are also experts in servicing the systems that we supply. Therefore, we have expanded into the servicing field and this enables us to offer ongoing maintenance and servicing to ensure that their equipment is working as expected.

Industry leaders in Fall Prevention and Liquid Loading Solutions

With almost four decades working in this industry, we consider ourselves as industry leaders when it comes to providing solutions for working at height and safe tanker loading. Our products such as safety cages, fixed platforms and loading arms as well as loading skids and flowmeters and pumps are industry leading products that provide an effective solution.

As a company, we never sit still which means that we are always looking to innovate, grow and offer our clients much more.


As a company that has a focus on safety, everything that we do is designed to make the workplace a safer place. Too many injuries and accidents take place in the workplace due to a lack of knowledge but more importantly, the right equipment and this is where we come in.

Our values are underpinned by safety and knowledge because the two come together to deliver an exceptional level of safety. Since 1987, each client has been benefitting from the products that we supply and because we haven’t stopped there, they continue to benefit year after year. This is the reason why a lot of the business we generate comes from word of mouth because we are a company that does exactly what we promise to achieve.


We recognise that this is a competitive industry and one where clients could very easily find another supplier but it is our professionalism that sets us apart. We work closely with clients to determine their needs and by working with them, we can provide them with solutions that make their workplace safer and we can help them to meet all health and safety regulations. Furthermore, our support doesn’t stop there because our knowledge and experience are always readily available when they need it because we’re a company that cares.


Developing and creating products that have a positive impact in the workplace is not based on luck but instead, it comes down to expertise. Our teams and our expertise enable us to innovate and push boundaries because we understand the requirements of industries and clients. This is the reason why we have continued to support the petroleum industry but have also moved into other industries because we recognise that we have so much to offer.

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