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Equipment servicing

Our equipment servicing packages enable companies to build maintenance schedules that prioritise equipment life, minimise downtime, and remain compliant with health and safety standards

Each package is flexible and provides a comprehensive assessment of the equipment health and recommendations for increasing the working life. Routine maintenance keeps your equipment in top condition by ensuring that any potential failures are caught before they can take a unit out of service.

Worker wellbeing and safety is key to the ongoing productivity of your tanker loading site. Your fall prevention and tanker access system is key to ensuring this high level of safety on your site. To ensure your site continues to operate at peak efficiency and avoid any risk of serious injury or fatality, it is essential you keep up with regular servicing and maintenance of your folding stairs.

Our servicing packages

We can service a wide rage of products, and create bespoke service packages. Our standard packages are as follows:

Annual Safety

A standard inspection to confirm continued fitness for operation of tanker access and fall prevention equipment. Includes a report confirming the equipment is fit touse and highlighting any recommendations for additional work that may be required.


A routine service visit between or alongside Annual Safety Inspections. Any recommended work highlighted at the inspection is resolved either in a single visit or spread across multiple visits throughout the year.

Major Overhaul

A more involved service that includes disassembling major parts of the system that would not be accessible during a routine maintenance. We recommend this service every 5- 10 years depending on the condition of the system.

Onsite servicing