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IFC Inflow Design & Supply Hann Oil With Pumping & Metering Trailers

Assisting with safe shore to ship fuel transfer

Client: GOIL, Ghana Oil Company
Industry: Oil and Gas
Site: Various Locations, Ghana


HannOil trade in the supply of petroleum products such as diesel, gasoline, marine and aviation fuels, and have offices in both London and Ghana in West Africa. HannOil approached IFC Inflow to assist them with an inquiry from GOIL, a major oil company in Ghana for safe shore to ship fuel transfer.

As well as safety, IFC was tasked with finding a mobile solution that enabled fast-loading and accurate metering of fuel when loading vessels whilst incorporating the testing of fuel.

IFC’s Solution

With this in mind, IFC designed and built two identical shore-to-ship fuel transfer trailers fitted with diesel engine powered pumps capable of flow rates of 1500 L/min, bulk flow meters fitted with air elimination and mechanical registers and fuel sampling points.

The trailers are suitable for rough terrain which was a primary requirement for the client as many of the roads in Ghana are unmade. They can easily be towed to different sites and are both fitted with stainless steel drip trays to catch any fuel spillages that may occur.

All the pipework on the trailers was supplied in stainless steel to suit the harsh marine environment. Fuel sampling was key for this project, and each trailer was fitted with a 4” bunker sampling point complete with sample bottles.

IFC pump and metering trailers meet the highest performance and accuracy requirements for shore to ship, railhead trans boarding, road, and plant fuel transfer applications. Each trailer is designed to meet the customer’s exacting requirements and environmental conditions with flow rates from 250 -3000 L/min.

Project Outcome

The project was successfully completed on time with both metering trailers being delivered to GOIL as requested. High metering accuracy is achievable from any location and GOIL now has the added peace of mind that the fuels being loaded onto the vessels can be regularly tested ensuring accurate and high-quality products for their clients.

Hanny Mouhtiseb, Director of HannOil commented: “IFC has been efficient, professional and have provided excellent service to Hannoil and our clients. We are happy doing business with them.”

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