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Imerys Minerals Ltd – Par, Cornwall, Mineral Processing, Mines And Quarries

Client: Imerys Minerals Ltd

Industry Sector: Cements, powders and Aggregates

Site: Quarry and mineral processing, Cornwall, UK


The client had undergone an end-to-end review of their Work at Height provisions, which highlighted areas that may benefit from some improvements. One area that required development was activities being carried out on the top of tankers during loading. The key challenge was related to the tight space above and around the lorries – with limited lateral movement, safe access was difficult.

IFC Solution

IFC proposed a bespoke safety cage for each filling station, based on our classic Total Tanker Safety Cage, with a modified design for powered vertical movement.

Safety was at the forefront, with a key interlock system to keep workers safe when operating the equipment. When the cage is in use, no other element of the system can be operated – maximising worker safety and ensuring that health and safety procedure is followed.

The bespoke safety cage was pneumatically operated, allowing it to descend over the manway of the tanker easily. The cage features integral access ladders and mounting points for fall arrest harness. Once the cage has descended into the position on the tanker, the operator can climb down the latter onto the tanker, and safely secure their fall arrest harness.

Project Outcome

Initially a safety cage didn’t appear to be a suitable solution thanks to the limited horizontal and vertical space. IFC were able to produce a bespoke, descending cage that dramatically increased worker protection without impairing the loading operation.

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