As part of the IFC Inflow Service we offer as standard the following:

  • Free site survey, technical advice, factory acceptance testing, commissioning & operator training
  • Two year warranty on major components including flow meters & loading arms
  • After sales support with a choice of service & maintenance packages available

IFC can provide trained engineers to carry out regular maintenance at specified intervals of products supplied and commissioned by IFC.

The regular maintenance of loading arms, fall prevention safety cages, mobile tanker top ladders, folding stairs, loading platforms, flow meters, smaller parts and swivel joints is necessary to ensure reliability for continuous use. IFC can develop a regular maintenance schedule to suit you to ensure full support for purchased products.

IFC offer 4 packages:

Annual formal safety inspection to confirm continued fitness for operation of equipment including a report confirming the equipment is fit to use at the date of inspection. Equipment is tagged and labelled to ensure it shows correct inspection date and period before next inspection is needed

Within the routine visits in between or at the time of annual safety inspections. We can offer two options:-
2.1. Condition based visits where everything is inspected and recommendations are made for the service/repair of particular items at the next visit, or in between visits if a particular issue is apparent and needs resolving. A service report / checklist with recommendations is generated and issued by the service engineer. This should take place every 6 months / 12 months depending on the equipment.

2.2. Modular based visits where certain parts of the system are checked / serviced on each visit so over the 12 month period all parts have been fully serviced. The visits for this type of service are shorter and this option is ideal if it is difficult to remove the system from operational use for a long period of time. Typically this would entail three or four visits spread throughout the year.

Major parts that need more disassembly to properly maintain or that are liable to wear after a longer period and that would not be accessible during routine maintenance. These could be 5 or 10 yearly as standard or dependent on the operating environment and perceived condition at time of routine inspection/service. This would require the system to be out of action for a longer period and would require more detailed planning.

IFC can provide an annual calibration service visit, which includes testing, calibration and sealing of all skid flow meters. Meter calibration certificates are then issued.


All skids have a number of safety critical systems that allow them to operate safely & correctly. Not only that, they are also of key operational importance & you need it to ensure your system runs smoothly.

• Our highly trained engineers have the expertise, experience & knowledge to ensure that your skid is
inspected & serviced properly to keep it in safe & reliable working order
• We regularly assess & train our engineers so they are competent in carrying out any work necessary
• Safety inspections — Ensure your safety critical systems are operating correctly
• Service inspections — Annual inspections & servicing ensure your skid is running smoothly & efficiently
• Planned, preventative maintenance — Ensure all the equipment on your skid is maintained to recommended standards

All Weather & Winter Protection

Winter and Weather Protection for your Mechanical or Electronic Skid at your oil depot or terminal is important to ensure the longevity of your mechanical meter counters and drop hoses. IFC offer durable flow meter covers and colour coded sleeves for loading arrns drop hoses. These specially designed protective covers help maintain your skid by adding an extra layer of weather proofing to the main components of your mechanical or electronic skid. The tough oil proof covers assist in harsh weather conditions by keeping the vital parts of the flow meter or hose covered but allow essential operation without any hindrance. See the images below for examples of IFC bulk meter covers and loading arm hose covers.

Don’t leave SAFETY & RELIABILITY to chance. Have your skid serviced annually by IFC Inflow the UK’s No.1 manufacturer of oil depot bottom loading skids.


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