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IFC Inflow Attending ChemUK 2023

We are thrilled to be exhibiting at the ChemUK exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham this year! Our team will be set up in the Chemical, Process and Plant Engineering area 10th- 11th May 2023. This is the third time IFC will be attending the event after a fantastic experience at the 2021 and 2022 […]

IFC Inflow Exhibiting At UKIFDA Show & Conference 2023

UKIFDA’s Show and Conference will be taking place at the CBS Arena in Coventry on 10th May 2023 and IFC Inflow are very pleased to be exhibiting at the show. 2023 is the first year this event is being held, in place of the UKIFDA Exhibition which is a regular in IFC’s calendar. It’s an […]

Safe Tanker Loading: Hints & Tips

Loading and unloading vehicles might be a part of everyday operations for many businesses but this does not mean that the risk of accident and injury reduces. In fact, it can have the opposite outcome and could increase the risk, especially if the correct health and safety measures are not in place. Working at height […]

Safety At Work: Reporting Dangerous Occurrences

There are many risks associated with the workplace and it is the duty of employers to ensure that they put all the necessary measures in place to mitigate risks. Across every industry there are risks but some industries have risks that come with potential severe consequences. This is particularly true when it comes to working […]

IFC Inflow’s 2022 Wrapped

There is no denying that recent times have given us many challenges. If we look at the last two years, we have had to contend with Covid-19 but now we have come out the other side and 2022 has been a year to remember. The year has brought us the Ukraine conflict with Russia, the […]

Driving Hydrogen – Is It Possible?

Hydrogen. Can it be used as a fuel source for driving? Can hydrogen become a fuel in passenger vehicles as well as buses and trucks? Transportation is a big focus for the government in terms of decarbonisation. If we look at the decolonisation policy of the UK, transportation ranks above power, manufacturing, and heating homes. […]

Is Aviation Ready For Hydrogen?

Is the aviation industry ready for hydrogen? Hydrogen engine gas turbines are considered to be incredibly impressive technology. Theoretically, they could solve the fuel crisis that plagues every aspect of travel. However, is the aviation industry actually ready for hydrogen? At the moment, there is a massive concern about the availability of sustainable aviation fuel. […]

Collective Protection Vs. Personal Protection

Falls from a height are one of the leading causes of significant injuries in the workplace. It is essential to acknowledge that there are many different elements to consider when it comes to protecting people who work at height. Working on top of tankers is often a core part of liquid-loading companies, and there are […]

Heating With Hydrogen

As we look at ways to move away from non-renewable energy sources in every facet of our lives, hydrogen has come up as a way of providing an alternative fuel source. When people talk about hydrogen, they talk about it in relation to using it as fuel for aeroplanes, travel, and specifically for heating homes. […]

IFC Inflow, 35 Years And Counting

For 35 years, IFC Inflow has been growing as a company and helping many different industries to improve and enhance the way in which they work. So, let’s take a look at the company and what we have achieved through the years, how we work and where we see ourselves. Timeline 1987 – IFC Inflow was […]